About Us

CICI Equality was founded by Equality campaigner and consultant Kieron Brady in the autumn of 2009 and commenced work in early 2010. In total we have experience in the personal delivery of over five hundred training days, sessions, workshops etc on the issues of Equality, Diversity and Hate Crime.

In subsequent years we created our ACAS reviewed Equality and Diversity e-learning, this recognised as a leading resource when nominated as Best Diversity Resource in the 2015 Excellence in Diversity Awards.

In early 2016 we became partners with Marshall ACM as we revamped and refurbished our course, a demo of this course is here

In addition to Equality and Diversity training, personal and e-learning, CICI Equality is often involved in legal matters around Hate Crime. This includes legal advice, written opinion and expert testimony.

We have clients within community based organisations, education, law, professional sport, medicine, trade unions, charities and others.

For any questions on our work, or to view our ACAS reviewed Equality and Diversity e-learning course in its entirety, please get in touch at

Contact Us

To contact CICI Equality please use the following:

– 07951 977471

– @CICIEquality


Experience & Expertise

Our experience and expertise in the field of Equality, Diversity and Hate Crime has developed significantly over recent years. In the local community we feature prominently on forums, committees and media on the issues of prejudice, discrimination and securing greater community harmony across Sunderland and surrounding areas.

  • Member of LGBT Equality forum in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear
  • Member of Inter Faith forum in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear
  • Member of Disability Independent Advisory Group in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear
  • Member of Black and Minority Ethnic Forum in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear
  • Member of Police Independent Advisory Group on Hate Crime
  • Raised Rainbow flag with Mayor of Sunderland for IDAHO ( International Day against Homophobia )
  • Speech writer for Deputy Mayor on LGBT and Equality matters
  • Work alongside Northumbrian Police on Hate Crime awareness
  • Work with Sunderland AFC on Gay Pride
  • Resident expert on Spark107 FM’s award winning ‘Being LGBT’, a radio show on LGBT Equality
  • Providing legal advice for asylum seekers and refugees around Hate Crime and legislation

Training, Consultancy & Media

In addition to work in the local community we also deliver training, e-learning, consultancy, media work and legal expertise throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland

Features :
  • Delivered over 500 training days, workshops, speeches, sessions etc on racism, religious prejudice and equality issues
  • Requested regularly to give legal advice, written opinions, and expert testimony in criminal proceedings around racism, religious prejudice and Hate Crime
  • Asked by media on a regular basis in Scotland, England and Ireland for expert analysis. This includes Sky TV, BBC, Talksport, CNN and others
  • Member of ACAS Advisory Group on advancement of Black managers/coaches within professional football in England
  • Authored the preface on leading, and best selling, book on racial prejudice and discrimination
  • Advisor to large immigrant community on racism
  • Writer for 'Football Club Magazine' on Equality issues in football
  • Public speaking on Equality matters
  • Owner of intellectual property – Equality and Diversity e-learning course
  • Delivered specialised training to leading professional football clubs
  • Delivered specialised one on one training to international footballers
  • Delivered specialised Equality and Hate Crime training for football fans’ groups.
Contact Us for further information on our equality, diversity and hate crime training and advisory work.

Honours & Recognition

The founder of CICI Equality, Kieron Brady, has received recognition, honours and awards for his work around challenging prejudice and discrimination and the promotion of egalitarian values.

  • Patron of Gay Pride
  • Patron of Just a Ball Game
  • Chair of the LGBT Equality Forum
  • Honorary Fellow of Myerscough College
  • Raising the rainbow flag at Sunderland Council for IDAHO (International Day against Homophobia)
  • Hall of Fame member of anti-racism charity Show Racism the Red Card
  • Nominated as Best Diversity Resource in 2015 Excellence in Diversity Awards

Contact Us for more information about our equality, diversity and hate crime training and advisory work.

What We Do

CICI Equality engage in education, legal advice, public speaking and course creation around the issues of Equality, Diversity and Hate Crime.

Personal Training - We deliver specialised training for employers and organisations, this designed to ensure that staff and members are free to operate in an environment free from prejudice and discrimination. Our training has been reviewed by ACAS, this essential in creating confidence for those who engage our services.

Legal Advice- We regularly give legal advice, written opinion and expert testimony around allegations of Hate Crime, this alleged criminal acts based around, or motivated by hostility regarding -

  • Race (Skin Colour, Nationality, Ethnicity, National and Ethnic Origins and Citizenship)
  • Religion or Associated Belief
  • Disability
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Trans

We have, since 2009, been successful in every case we have been involved in.

e-Learning - CICI Equality, in partnership with leading provider Marshall ACM, provide an Equality and Diversity e-Learning course.

This, too, has been reviewed by ACAS and was nominated as Best Diversity Resource in the 2015 Excellence in Diversity Awards. The course covers the relevant issues within the Equality Act 2010 with those who take the course receiving certificates to acknowledge participation.

A short demo of the course is here -

Public Speaking - We are asked often to draft, prepare and deliver speeches on the aforesaid issues.

Course Creation - CICI Equality can create specifically constructed e-Learning courses around the following :
  • Hate Crime (General)
  • Hate Crime (Skin Colour)
  • Hate Crime (Nationality, Ethnicity etc)
  • Hate Crime (Sexual Orientation and Trans)
  • Equality and Hate Crime
  • Asylum Seekers and Refugees

For any information relating to what we do, or additional queries around Equality, Diversity and Hate Crime please get in touch -