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Monday 15/7/2013 CICI - New Equality and Hate Crime training In addition to our ACAS reviewed e-services we have now added a wide range of specific training and education around Equality, Diversity and Hate Crime.

All courses have content that is ACAS reviewed or based on our knowledge, expertise and experience in giving legal advice, written opinions and ...More Info
Tuesday 26/2/2013 Letter to Robbie Rogers Celebrate Identity Challenge Intolerance consultant, and former Sunderland AFC player, Kieron Brady wrote last week to Robbie Rogers in light of his public declaration that he is Gay.

Below is the letter, we believe that by making it public it can help in preventing a similar scenario in future.
...More Info
Saturday 16/2/2013 Robbie Rogers - Public declaration Celebrate Identity Challenge Intolerance would like to commend Robbie Rogers, former professional footballer, on his courage for acknowledging that he is Gay. Through our work with the LGBT community we have an awareness of the inner turmoil that impacts upon so many people trying to contend with their ...More Info
Wednesday 30/1/2013 Radio work - Being LGBT - Sunderland Spark FM Celebrate Identity Challenge Intolerance now features on a weekly radio programme which concentrates on issues that are relevant to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender (LGBT) community.

CICI consultant Kieron Brady is resident expert on Spark Sunderland FM every Wednesday to discuss such ...More Info
Saturday 19/1/2013 Sunderland Gay Pride Kieron Brady, consultant with Celebrate Identity Challenge Intolerance, recently became Patron of Sunderland Pride. Below is his acceptance speech in full.

Can I first of all express my gratitude for being afforded the opportunity to become Patron of Sunderland Pride. I hope that in a capacity ...More Info
Friday 11/2/2011 The 'Gay Footballer' anomaly Below is an article written in February 2011 by CICI consultant, former Sunderland player, and Sunderland Pride Patron, Kieron Brady on the issue of Gay players in professional football.

The last taboo. That oft-spouted mantra that by now has a familiarity to all within the LGBT community vis ...More Info