Mission Statement

Celebrate Identity, Challenge Intolerance

Celebrate Identity Challenge Intolerance is an Equality focused consultancy that aims to educate around the issues of Equality and Diversity. With particular expertise in the areas of racism and religious intolerance, we try to teach young people in particular about the dangers involved in adopting and sustaining attitudes of intolerance and ignorance against individuals and groups as a result of skin colour, nationality, national origin, ethnicity, culture and religion or faith.

We are also fully committed to adhering to the principles of Equality and are completely opposed to prejudice and discrimination against individuals and groups because of gender, age, disability and sexual orientation.

Aims & Objectives

  • To ensure that those we engage with comprehend the futility of holding hostile and hateful attitudes against others with differing aspects of identity
  • To bring an understanding that the commonalities we have are greater than what makes us different
  • To illustrate that the differences we have are superficial and unimportant in comparison to the character of the individual
  • To impress upon our audience that we are all susceptible to being victims of intolerance
  • To highlight the negativity of individuals holding attitudes motivated by racial and religious intolerance
  • To encourage good citizenship
  • To dispel myths propagated against different groups, these myths being contributory to stereotypes and generalisations, which in turn prove to be a source of hostility and hatred

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" Nelson Mandela