About Us

CICI Equality was founded by Equality campaigner and consultant Kieron Brady in the autumn of 2009 and commenced work in early 2010. In total we have experience in the personal delivery of over five hundred training days, sessions, workshops etc on the issues of Equality, Diversity and Hate Crime.

In subsequent years we created our ACAS reviewed Equality and Diversity e-learning, this recognised as a leading resource when nominated as Best Diversity Resource in the 2015 Excellence in Diversity Awards.

In early 2016 we became partners with Marshall ACM as we revamped and refurbished our course, a demo of this course is here


In addition to Equality and Diversity training, personal and e-learning, CICI Equality is often involved in legal matters around Hate Crime. This includes legal advice, written opinion and expert testimony.

We have clients within community based organisations, education, law, professional sport, medicine, trade unions, charities and others.

For any questions on our work, or to view our ACAS reviewed Equality and Diversity e-learning course in its entirety, please get in touch at contact@cici.org.uk